Sunday, September 26, 2010

Okay.. so I have a problem I really do. SIGH.. i am an addict.. to these cards!!! I don't know why but I have fun doing them even though I have not won yet :( Just once I will be happy. Some of my friends are saying to stop haha.. but next one I will be taking a break cause its asking for photos from back in the days. Not my days apparently! So then I will go back to work on my book! I cannot believe tis September!

So for this time it was category: WORK. Check it out :) Some I thought came out well, I didn't go too complicated this time.

this one is for Retirement. Inside: " Who am I going to blame now for all the missing office supplies?"
this one is for Laughs/Just for Fun . Inside: "Just remember to put the ones you don't want back into the boss' desk. That's where I found them."

this one is for Job Well Done. Inside: How is it that you can BEE so amazing?

this one is for Cope. Inside: I put a little something "extra" inside. Hope things get better!

this one is for Happy Birthday. Inside: "Then we realized how much overtime we would have to work, so instead we got you this card!"

this one is Just for Laughs. Inside- "I really mean it!"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

a BIG splurge update of present and some past!

Hello again :) lately been so busy, trying to get more artwork done but its so tough with busy schedule. I really want to do traditional again. Lately I have just been doing pieces of the hallmark card contest. Its so addicting I can't help it! I guess its that feeling of wanting to win and seeing my card in stores! So hopefully.. one day!

Below is another card I did recently.. it was for teen birthday. But I guess it wasn't that funny.. I just figure submit it. After i did it, I wish I did something different, but this one was sort of a last minute one, finished in a day.. where as the other ones I planned out more. Apparently I don't know what teen funny is, I should have done something with Twilight! haha.

Outside says: Heard its your birthday, take your pick!
Inside says: Everything was out of order but the card. that's what you picked right?

Next part...
I figure aside from posting just my artwork I also start posting some other stuff.. so I am going to do a little SPLURGE BLOGGING. Below is some of my students work. I actually feel excited when one of the kids finish a piece and it looks great and they love it too. Of course its the talent of the kids, but I guess a bit of me?

This one was done by a boy named Curtis, 6 years old.Project was to do a tiger for year of tiger.

This one was done by a girl named Natalie, 5 years old.Project was to do a train with their name on it and each train cart represents something they like.

This one was done by a girl named Wendy, 6 years old :) very talented little girl. this project was to do a hamburger drawing and exaggerate it. Yummy!

Along with maybe some other stuff I had done this year, I did scrapbooks and frames for a few coworkers baby showers! So if you know anyone who ever needs frames or books :) they took a while but its worth it when they like it :)
this was for a coworker at work for her baby shower. I didn't do the actual animals, but I painted everything else and I put it together, that still counts right? I thought it turned out cute. below is ones I did for another coworker for a baby girl :)

so if you ever need frames! or know anyone who does I would love to do them!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More cards

So lately I have been working on more card designs. Haven't gotten any chosen yet but happy with the outcome! below are just some I did recently.

this one was for CHRISTMAS

this is for LOVE

this is for CONGRATS

will update more soon!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lately I have been doing a few illustrations, but for contests. I have been entering a tshirt contest for threadless and hallmark. I must say these contests are quite addicting! I haven't won yet.. but hoping soon!

Below is some for hallmark I did, every month hallmark has contests with a certain category. These two were recent and I really liked the outcome. I didn't win but for the halloween one it was chosen as a semi finalist! So i guess that motivates me more! I figure its okay if I don't win, it lets me add another piece to my portfolio and keeps me drawing. not only that but I can always print these cards and give to friends :)

This one was for halloween. The inside says :
" You! Wait.. you are not wearing a mask? Oops. Well hope your halloween is still a scream!"

This one was for Anniversary. The inside says : "Perfect Together. Just like us. "

Next one is christmas... still sketching.. no real solid idea yet! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hallmark Greeting Card Competition

So i just finished a greeting card.. one where i am actually real happy with. It was for a competition for Hallmark. They have different themes each time. If you win your card can be sold in stores or online. I thought why not give it a go? the worse is i don't win.. but there is more contests to keep doing! how fun it be though to have it sold in stores! I think im going to do every single one.. to get my mind, my hand going. you guys should do it too~!

the hardest part was the TEXT!! its not easy I realized.. to BE FUNNY.. or to make it work. cause to some it may be funny or they like it.. but gotta find something to relate to everyone! trying to come up with the text inside- AHHHH... cause if the text dont work then pretty much the whole card doesn't work!! So below is it! tell me what you think~ but please nothing i should have done.. not yet.. cause its too late to fix! haha.. thanks.

Inside just says: these delicious cakes! happy birthday! ( i know probably your thinking i should have wrote this.. or that.. but please save that for march)