Saturday, August 28, 2010

a BIG splurge update of present and some past!

Hello again :) lately been so busy, trying to get more artwork done but its so tough with busy schedule. I really want to do traditional again. Lately I have just been doing pieces of the hallmark card contest. Its so addicting I can't help it! I guess its that feeling of wanting to win and seeing my card in stores! So hopefully.. one day!

Below is another card I did recently.. it was for teen birthday. But I guess it wasn't that funny.. I just figure submit it. After i did it, I wish I did something different, but this one was sort of a last minute one, finished in a day.. where as the other ones I planned out more. Apparently I don't know what teen funny is, I should have done something with Twilight! haha.

Outside says: Heard its your birthday, take your pick!
Inside says: Everything was out of order but the card. that's what you picked right?

Next part...
I figure aside from posting just my artwork I also start posting some other stuff.. so I am going to do a little SPLURGE BLOGGING. Below is some of my students work. I actually feel excited when one of the kids finish a piece and it looks great and they love it too. Of course its the talent of the kids, but I guess a bit of me?

This one was done by a boy named Curtis, 6 years old.Project was to do a tiger for year of tiger.

This one was done by a girl named Natalie, 5 years old.Project was to do a train with their name on it and each train cart represents something they like.

This one was done by a girl named Wendy, 6 years old :) very talented little girl. this project was to do a hamburger drawing and exaggerate it. Yummy!

Along with maybe some other stuff I had done this year, I did scrapbooks and frames for a few coworkers baby showers! So if you know anyone who ever needs frames or books :) they took a while but its worth it when they like it :)
this was for a coworker at work for her baby shower. I didn't do the actual animals, but I painted everything else and I put it together, that still counts right? I thought it turned out cute. below is ones I did for another coworker for a baby girl :)

so if you ever need frames! or know anyone who does I would love to do them!

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