Sunday, September 26, 2010

Okay.. so I have a problem I really do. SIGH.. i am an addict.. to these cards!!! I don't know why but I have fun doing them even though I have not won yet :( Just once I will be happy. Some of my friends are saying to stop haha.. but next one I will be taking a break cause its asking for photos from back in the days. Not my days apparently! So then I will go back to work on my book! I cannot believe tis September!

So for this time it was category: WORK. Check it out :) Some I thought came out well, I didn't go too complicated this time.

this one is for Retirement. Inside: " Who am I going to blame now for all the missing office supplies?"
this one is for Laughs/Just for Fun . Inside: "Just remember to put the ones you don't want back into the boss' desk. That's where I found them."

this one is for Job Well Done. Inside: How is it that you can BEE so amazing?

this one is for Cope. Inside: I put a little something "extra" inside. Hope things get better!

this one is for Happy Birthday. Inside: "Then we realized how much overtime we would have to work, so instead we got you this card!"

this one is Just for Laughs. Inside- "I really mean it!"

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