Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lately I have been doing a few illustrations, but for contests. I have been entering a tshirt contest for threadless and hallmark. I must say these contests are quite addicting! I haven't won yet.. but hoping soon!

Below is some for hallmark I did, every month hallmark has contests with a certain category. These two were recent and I really liked the outcome. I didn't win but for the halloween one it was chosen as a semi finalist! So i guess that motivates me more! I figure its okay if I don't win, it lets me add another piece to my portfolio and keeps me drawing. not only that but I can always print these cards and give to friends :)

This one was for halloween. The inside says :
" You! Wait.. you are not wearing a mask? Oops. Well hope your halloween is still a scream!"

This one was for Anniversary. The inside says : "Perfect Together. Just like us. "

Next one is christmas... still sketching.. no real solid idea yet! :)

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