Monday, January 25, 2010

Hallmark Greeting Card Competition

So i just finished a greeting card.. one where i am actually real happy with. It was for a competition for Hallmark. They have different themes each time. If you win your card can be sold in stores or online. I thought why not give it a go? the worse is i don't win.. but there is more contests to keep doing! how fun it be though to have it sold in stores! I think im going to do every single one.. to get my mind, my hand going. you guys should do it too~!

the hardest part was the TEXT!! its not easy I realized.. to BE FUNNY.. or to make it work. cause to some it may be funny or they like it.. but gotta find something to relate to everyone! trying to come up with the text inside- AHHHH... cause if the text dont work then pretty much the whole card doesn't work!! So below is it! tell me what you think~ but please nothing i should have done.. not yet.. cause its too late to fix! haha.. thanks.

Inside just says: these delicious cakes! happy birthday! ( i know probably your thinking i should have wrote this.. or that.. but please save that for march)

1 comment:

Catherine J. Cruz said...

good job jackie! great rhythm on the text you came up with!

hope you win! if not, it's still a winner!