Saturday, November 7, 2009

Illustrators Day

Today went to the 2009 Illustrators Day in San Gabriel, it was alot of fun! I am really glad i went. Got to see so many peoples artwork. So talented everyone is. It inspired me to fix up my portfolio and to find the time to continue working on my art. I think i am going to set deadlines for my own self. People brought business cards and postcards. I wish i brought more but my printer failed on me. Also had a one on one with an illustrator Wilson Swain who looked over my portfolio and gave me really good feedback. He gave me a mockup of one of his books, a pop up makes me want to try to make one :) A fun day today was and also got to see some of my classmates :) This was my postcard design.. for now still going to play around with it :)

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