Monday, September 24, 2012

Hands on Projects

Lately been trying to keep busy and inspired with different new projects.  I thought it be fun if I gave myself a new project to work with every now and then.  Just to stay busy and be inspired by new things!  So last few weeks I made a few new things!

Below is a necklace holder I made. I painted a piece of wood I got from Michaels and added a piece of corkboard.  I inserted brads (surprisingly it holds the necklaces!)  I really liked how it came out.  I think it be cute to make and give as a gift.

I saw something while browsing pinterest (love this site) and it was cookie cups.  I thought I try it and the result came out very different than the one online. I used pre-made cookie dough instead of from scratch. The cup wasn't perfect but it was delicious.  I used the back of of a cupcake pan to create the shape of the cup.  After a scoop of s'more ice cream to finish it off!

This week I saw a project online where you can transfer photos onto wood. Its done in just a few simple steps! Below is actually my test one and it came out better than I expected.  I did it as a test first to see the outcome. After I saw the result, I did the transfer again but instead on a wood tissue box. It was a gift for my cousin (will upload pictures soon!) For this project all I used was gel medium to transfer the photo onto the wood and then I added mod podge on top of it when it dried to give it a shine! 

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