Monday, March 12, 2012

Something new..

Lately haven't really had the time to sit down and work on some illustrations/cards, hopefully soon! I will try to update more here, but was thinking about making a new blog/tumblr for not just illustrations but maybe both crafts and drawings. Since lately have been doing a lot of hand made things! But for now here is a little update of lately..

I made a Jack Skellington card for a friend's birthday. I liked how it came out and was happy with it. Think I will try more characters in the near future.

Other than that lately just been teaching more art classes, thought I share a few of my student's work. Enjoy!
The idea of this project was exaggerate ice cream, and have each one a different design. Also to learn about proportions (drawing themselves)

But if you read this and have facebook I also made a page for my artwork please check it out!


Pai said...

Where can I get your hallmark card??

Jackie said...