Sunday, April 12, 2009


This piece was for my Children Book class. We had to take a mother goose rhyme and illustrate it. The poem I chose was " This little froggy took a big leap, this little froggy took a small leap, this froggy leaped sideways and this little froggy not at all and this little froggy went hippity hippity hop all the way home! " It was fun doing it traditionally in watercolor and colorpencil :)


Catherine J. Cruz said...

always nice to see your work! awesome job! honing those skills i see. nice layout, characters and color!

looking forward to more. :) keep it up jackie!

Anita said...

wow i never saw this! i love it! its really good! great job! : )

Lauren Gallegos said...

i love it! Very cute! I can totally see this in a children's book. :) I want to see more like this!