Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Cards

I can't believe the year is almost over!  I am excited for Christmas. I love that time of the year, all the decorations, meeting with family and friends, the music and so much more! I know its still early, not even thanksgiving yet but I thought I get a head start on Christmas Cards.

I had a lot of fun creating these. This year I bought some craft paper cards to try, and love the look! It gives the cards a more natural look to them.  Some of my ideas were inspired from others on pinterest, just changed them up a little to make them my own! Here are a few that I recently made. More to come soon! =)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hands on Projects

Lately been trying to keep busy and inspired with different new projects.  I thought it be fun if I gave myself a new project to work with every now and then.  Just to stay busy and be inspired by new things!  So last few weeks I made a few new things!

Below is a necklace holder I made. I painted a piece of wood I got from Michaels and added a piece of corkboard.  I inserted brads (surprisingly it holds the necklaces!)  I really liked how it came out.  I think it be cute to make and give as a gift.

I saw something while browsing pinterest (love this site) and it was cookie cups.  I thought I try it and the result came out very different than the one online. I used pre-made cookie dough instead of from scratch. The cup wasn't perfect but it was delicious.  I used the back of of a cupcake pan to create the shape of the cup.  After a scoop of s'more ice cream to finish it off!

This week I saw a project online where you can transfer photos onto wood. Its done in just a few simple steps! Below is actually my test one and it came out better than I expected.  I did it as a test first to see the outcome. After I saw the result, I did the transfer again but instead on a wood tissue box. It was a gift for my cousin (will upload pictures soon!) For this project all I used was gel medium to transfer the photo onto the wood and then I added mod podge on top of it when it dried to give it a shine! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some new stuff

Hello! Its been a while since I posted! If you have been reading this I love if you can also check me out on Become a fan! =) thanks!

So I just finished a baby scrapbook for a wonderful friend of mine who is having twins! A boy and a girl. It took a while but I enjoyed making it along with the outcome. She is having a boy and a girl so it was tough finding baby scrapbook things, so I did it to the color scheme she had set up for the twins.  below are just some of the page layouts I did!

 It was a friend's birthday, and I haven't customized a guy's card before till now! So I thought I do his name.  Otherwise it would have been something cute or pretty!
Hoping to get more stuff done to post!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Something new..

Lately haven't really had the time to sit down and work on some illustrations/cards, hopefully soon! I will try to update more here, but was thinking about making a new blog/tumblr for not just illustrations but maybe both crafts and drawings. Since lately have been doing a lot of hand made things! But for now here is a little update of lately..

I made a Jack Skellington card for a friend's birthday. I liked how it came out and was happy with it. Think I will try more characters in the near future.

Other than that lately just been teaching more art classes, thought I share a few of my student's work. Enjoy!
The idea of this project was exaggerate ice cream, and have each one a different design. Also to learn about proportions (drawing themselves)

But if you read this and have facebook I also made a page for my artwork please check it out!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Handmade Cards

Sorry haven't posted in a while! :) Been busy lately!

Lately I have been trying to get some artwork of my own done. I created a facebook art page as well and have been posting more there than here :)

Please check it out!

Other than that, I have been still doing cards. Digital and just lately started to get into handmade ones again. Having a lot of fun with it! Especially the outcome from the dimension and texture you see on it. Here are a few...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Okay.. so I have a problem I really do. SIGH.. i am an addict.. to these cards!!! I don't know why but I have fun doing them even though I have not won yet :( Just once I will be happy. Some of my friends are saying to stop haha.. but next one I will be taking a break cause its asking for photos from back in the days. Not my days apparently! So then I will go back to work on my book! I cannot believe tis September!

So for this time it was category: WORK. Check it out :) Some I thought came out well, I didn't go too complicated this time.

this one is for Retirement. Inside: " Who am I going to blame now for all the missing office supplies?"
this one is for Laughs/Just for Fun . Inside: "Just remember to put the ones you don't want back into the boss' desk. That's where I found them."

this one is for Job Well Done. Inside: How is it that you can BEE so amazing?

this one is for Cope. Inside: I put a little something "extra" inside. Hope things get better!

this one is for Happy Birthday. Inside: "Then we realized how much overtime we would have to work, so instead we got you this card!"

this one is Just for Laughs. Inside- "I really mean it!"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

a BIG splurge update of present and some past!

Hello again :) lately been so busy, trying to get more artwork done but its so tough with busy schedule. I really want to do traditional again. Lately I have just been doing pieces of the hallmark card contest. Its so addicting I can't help it! I guess its that feeling of wanting to win and seeing my card in stores! So hopefully.. one day!

Below is another card I did recently.. it was for teen birthday. But I guess it wasn't that funny.. I just figure submit it. After i did it, I wish I did something different, but this one was sort of a last minute one, finished in a day.. where as the other ones I planned out more. Apparently I don't know what teen funny is, I should have done something with Twilight! haha.

Outside says: Heard its your birthday, take your pick!
Inside says: Everything was out of order but the card. that's what you picked right?

Next part...
I figure aside from posting just my artwork I also start posting some other stuff.. so I am going to do a little SPLURGE BLOGGING. Below is some of my students work. I actually feel excited when one of the kids finish a piece and it looks great and they love it too. Of course its the talent of the kids, but I guess a bit of me?

This one was done by a boy named Curtis, 6 years old.Project was to do a tiger for year of tiger.

This one was done by a girl named Natalie, 5 years old.Project was to do a train with their name on it and each train cart represents something they like.

This one was done by a girl named Wendy, 6 years old :) very talented little girl. this project was to do a hamburger drawing and exaggerate it. Yummy!

Along with maybe some other stuff I had done this year, I did scrapbooks and frames for a few coworkers baby showers! So if you know anyone who ever needs frames or books :) they took a while but its worth it when they like it :)
this was for a coworker at work for her baby shower. I didn't do the actual animals, but I painted everything else and I put it together, that still counts right? I thought it turned out cute. below is ones I did for another coworker for a baby girl :)

so if you ever need frames! or know anyone who does I would love to do them!